Exercise 8.1 - Update meta tags of content

In this exercise you’ll learn how to update the meta tags for a Page.

  1. Navigate to the Page created in Exercise 3.1 by clicking on Content, clicking on your page then clicking the Edit menu item.

  2. Create some Basic page content in the Body field (you should already have content here but you may wish to edit it). Do not modify the Meta Tags yet.

  3. Publish your page by setting the Change to field to 'Published' and clicking the Save button at the top right.

  4. Using the browser inspector tool (usually right-click, then Inspect element), review the <head> of your page. Locate and review the content of tags such as title and description - see the screenshot below. Note the screenshot below is using the GovCMS site as an example. (NB - Some browsers are managed by your organisation and restricts you from viewing the source code.)

  5. Discuss any questions with your trainer.

  6. Edit the page you created in step 1 and update values for the Meta Tags - the Page title and Description fields.

  7. Review page source (as in step 3) and check how the values of those fields have changed.

Hint: The elements 1 and 2 from the search result screenshot can also be verified by hovering over the browser tab.

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