Exercise 10.1 - Add an item to a menu

There are two methods you can use to add menu items.

  1. Hover over Structure, then → Menus and click Primary navigation.

  2. Click on the Add Link button at the top left of the page.

  3. Begin typing the title of an existing content in the Link field. It is an autocomplete field and as you type the field will auto-suggest from your existing content.

  4. Add a Description and a Menu link title.

  5. Click Save once complete.

  6. Review the change to the menu in the Primary navigation. You should see the new menu item in the Primary navigation menu at the top of the page.

Method 2 - From content

  1. Edit any Page content.

  2. Expand Menu settings in the right sidebar.

  3. Click Provide a menu link

  4. Type in a Menu link title.

  5. Select Primary navigation in the Parent link dropdown

  6. Make sure your Page content is published.

  7. Click Save

  8. Go to the homepage and review the change to the menu in the Primary navigation.

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