Exercise 11.2 - Attach a form to a Webform page

In this exercise we attach the webform created in Exercise 11.1 to a webform page, so that it’s accessible by the public and can have other attributes available to content types (for example, we could place it on a custom URL, attach to a site navigation menu, add metadata and use moderation workflow).

  1. Create a new Webform content page by clicking on Content in the Admin menu then hover over Add content then click on Webform.

  2. Add a Title and some text in the Body field, with guidelines about the form.

  3. In the Webform field, select the webform created in the previous exercise (you may have named your form 'Simple Feedback Form' as in the screenshot below).

  4. Explore the Webform Settings field, but do not modify anything there.

  5. Attach the Webform to the main navigation.

  6. Set the Save as dropdown to 'Published'.

  7. Click the Save button to complete.

  8. Note that 'Feedback' is now a menu item on the Primary navigation menu. Click on the link. The page containing your form should look similar to the screenshot below.

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