Exercise 7.2 - Create a URL alias

In this exercise you’ll learn how to create a URL alias for a page.

  1. Return to edit the page created in Exercise 7.1. (From the Admin menu click on Content, then click on your page from the list and click the Edit menu item).

  2. Expand the URL alias section.

  3. Set a custom URL alias, such as /important-content-page (you may choose your own). Note The URL must begin with a backslash: '/'

  4. Click on the Save button.

  5. Note the new URL for the page.

  6. Try navigating to the /node/100 path noted down in the previous exercise, by pasting it into the address bar of your browser. (The node ID number - 100 - will differ for you).

  7. Next, return to Edit the page from step 1.

  8. Under the URL Alias section on the right-hand side, check the Generate automatic URL alias box.

  9. Save the page - compare the results.

  10. Check if the internal path (such as node/100) still works.

  11. Check if the manually entered URL alias from step 2 is still functional.

  12. Ask your trainer any questions.

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