Overview of content create/edit form

The Content form

When creating or editing any content in GovCMS, you’ll use the Content form.

Each of the different content types mentioned in the previous page can have different custom areas depending on how a site is configured.

At the same time, there are many areas common to all content creation forms.

An overview of the Page form is shown below to highlight these common areas.

Form elements description

The areas highlighted are:

  1. Title: Type in your content’s title.

  2. Components: Add Components to the page (Components are discussed in unit 12 of this manual)

  3. Save and Preview buttons.

  4. Revision log message: Leave some helpful text to explain your changes. This is not visible to the public.

  5. URL alias: Expand this section to give the content a customized URL.

Notice that on the right-hand side there are also other fields - we’ll discuss these in different sections of this manual.

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