About breadcrumbs

What are breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs show the hierarchy path of a website and are a quick and easy way for site visitors (and content authors and approvers) to navigate back to certain pages from the page they are currently on.

In the example shown in the screenshot below, a site visitor is on the page 'Site builder training (TEST CONTENT)'. The breadcrumb shows:

  • Home > Events > Site builder training (TEST CONTENT)

A site visitor can click on Home to return to the Homepage of the site, or on Events to navigate to a listing of events.

The exact breadcrumb will depend on your site’s structure and the number of levels in the hierarchy of the page. A breadcrumb is particularly useful for larger sites.

Take this example:

  • Home > Publications > Media releases > 2019 > July > Media release title

Using this breadcrumb, site visitors can navigate quickly to Home, to the top level Publications page, to Media releases or even specifically to all 2020 media releases or all July 2022 media releases.

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