Exercise 5.1 - Content moderation

This exercise will demonstrate how content can be moved through the Content Moderation statuses.

  1. In the Admin menu, click on Content, then click on the secondary tab Moderated Content.

  2. Choose a content item in the list that requires moderation. For example you could choose to edit the Standard page called Autem which is in the state of Draft as highlighted in the screenshot below.

  3. Click on the Edit button at the right hand side of the page.

  4. Make some changes to the content (e.g. delete some text or add text).

  5. Save the content, leaving it in the "Draft" status (notice that you’re redirected to the Moderated Content page and that the content page you were just editing is now at the top of the list).

  6. Select the content item you just edited and click Edit again.

  7. Select “Needs Review" from the Change to: dropdown and click Save.

  8. Edit the same content item again.

  9. Select “Published" from the Change to: dropdown and click Save.

Note Moving content through the workflow process from Draft to Published usually involves multiple people. However, if your account has full permissions, you can move content through the states and publish changes immediately.

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