Overview of user roles

In GovCMS (and most CMSs) there are different ‘roles’ for different users with different ‘permissions’. This simply means that different roles can perform different functions.

GovCMS roles

GovCMS uses the following roles:

  • Content Editor - A Content Editor can typically create new content and content revisions and mark them for review by an Approver.

  • Content Approver - A Content Approver can publish, archive and delete content created by Content Editors.

  • Site Administrator - A Site Administrator can delete content, revert content revisions, place content blocks and perform other content management tasks that require special caution and experience.

Why multiple roles?

GovCMS’s different roles are set up to restrict:

  • Who can create, edit and delete content

  • Who can publish or archive content

  • Who can perform more technical tasks that will have larger effects on the website and CMS, such as adding metadata, adding content fields to content types, adding new menu items, etc.

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