Embedding media files

Inserting Media into body - The Media Widget

You can insert images and videos directly into the body field of a Content form via the Media widget. Click on the Media Library button from the WYSIWYG editor.

This will open the Media widget.

You can upload images or files from your computer by selecting "Select files"

Browse for and select a file on your local machine, then click Open.

Embedding code - videos and URLs

Using the Media widget you can also use the Remote video form to embed videos in content (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo videos).

Click on the Media Library button on the Body content section. Click on the Remote video tab, then enter the following information:

  • A url for the video you wish to embed.

Click on the Add button.

Media Library

All files uploaded to a website (or already included) are found in the Media Library. Media assets are displayed with the most recently added first.

Use the following to refine the media presented:

  • Enter text in the Name field.

  • Select from the dropdown to narrow the search to media items of type:

    • Audio

    • File

    • Image

    • Remote video

    • Video

Click the Filter button to perform the search.

In the screenshot below, the search word 'Govcms' has been entered into the Name field and for Type "Remote video" is selected.

Note: When you use a file from the Media Library or Files area, you are linking to a copy of the file, including its metadata. If you make changes to the file or its metadata, these changes will take effect for every use of the file on the site.

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