Exercise 4.2 - Revert a content revision

In this exercise you will learn how to revert to a previous revision (or version) of your content.

  1. Go to the Content Administration page by clicking on Content at the top left of the page and find the page you were editing in the previous exercises (3.1 and 4.1).

  2. Click the Title link to get to the page.

  3. Click the Revisions tab.

    You should see a list of revisions similar to the screenshot below:

  4. Locate the version before the current one and click on the Revert button on the right hand side

    You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm whether you wish to revert to the selected revision, similar to the screenshot below. Click on Revert to complete the process.

  5. You will be returned to the Revisions page. Note the following in this page:

    1. The new revision has been created, showing the date, time and the author.

    2. You are also be presented with a Status message indicating what has been performed.

    3. The Current revision is the new revision you just created. Text on the left hand side indicates which revision this new revision is based on.

  6. Navigate to the public view of the page (using an Incognito/Private window in your browser) and confirm if the content has been reverted.

Note: Only a previously Published revision can become the Current revision. A draft revision will create a new draft revision and the current published revision will remain as the Current revision.

Try reverting a revision in the status Draft. In the Revisions page you should see something similar to the screenshot below:

Note the following:

  1. A new revision has been created, however;

  2. The previous Published revision remains as the Current revision

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