Exercise 1.2 - View the Site Frontend content

Click on either the “GovCMS Training Site” logo at the top left of the page, or on the “Home” menu link at the top of the page to go to the site Home page.
Image of User screen
You’ll notice that the Admin menu is still visible, but now you also see the contents of the Home page as a site visitor would see it.
Note The Admin menu and other components (highlighted in the screenshot below) are still available, as you are still logged in to the site. These components are discussed later in this course.
Image of Front end
To return to the previous page, add /user to the end of the URL in your browser.
Tip: If you’ve navigated away from the home page, the link on your browser may differ from the one provided. To get back to the homepage, you can click on the “GovCMS Training Site” logo at the top left of the page, or click on the “Home” link in the main navigation menu at the top of the page.

Frontend and Backend

The regular pages that contain the actual content your site visitors see (blog/article text, images, etc.), are often referred to as the “frontend”, while the Admin interface may be referred to as the “backend”.