Exercise 3.1 - Create some content

In this exercise you will learn how to create content, specifically a new Page.

  1. To begin, you may wish to click on the Home menu item to return to the homepage of your training site.

  2. On the Admin menu hover over Content, then hover over Add content and click Page.

    The Page is one of the simplest types of content. You should see a page similar to the screenshot below:

  3. Add some text to the Title field (for the moment, ignore the other fields). Title is the default required field.

  4. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. You’ll automatically be taken to the page as it will appear on the frontend of your website. Notice that we are saving this content as "Draft".

  5. Make a note of the URL.

Once you have saved the new content, you will notice the following GovCMS features:

  1. The title of the new page is part of the page’s URL. We look at this feature more in Unit 7: URL Aliases and Redirects.

  2. You can see a status message, which is only visible to you. This message disappears if you refresh the page.

  3. You can see the additional tabs such as View, Edit, Delete and Revisions. These are only visible because you’re logged in (they cannot be seen by the public).

  4. The new content is not live/published and will not be until it goes through a publishing workflow (because we saved it as "Draft"). This means that if you log out you won’t be able to see the content nor would a site visitor see this new content.

If you go back to the Content administration area by clicking on the Content button in the Admin menu, you will see your new content in the content listing. In the Content Type column, the content you just added will be listed as a Page.

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