Content types overview

Content types used in GovCMS

GovCMS websites are made up of different content types. You can view a list of the GovCMS content types that are available “out-of-the-box” by hovering over Content on the Admin menu then clicking on Add content.

Many of these content types are used across all GovCMS sites. Each content type has specific fields (properties and metadata) associated with it.

The standard GovCMS content types are:

  • Alert

  • Event

  • Page

  • Web form

Why use different content types?

Content types are a useful way to group similar content, with similar characteristics. It means people can talk about sets of content (such as Events) using the same language. Content types also provide a way to set up a common template across a type.

For example, events will always have a time, date and location and so the event content form contains these fields. Other types of content may not include all these pieces of information.

Content types are also used when setting display rules for the site. An example is showing the three most recent Blog articles on the homepage.

Further general information on content types is available in the Drupal Documentation.

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