Exercise 8.4: Agency logo in Job Posting view

In this exercise, we’ll add in the logo of the agency offering the job, by setting up a View relationship. In the current setup, the agency’s logo is part of the Agency content type, and the view of Job Posting doesn’t allow us to show it. If we link the two content types together, we can display the agency logo in the job posting (like the screenshot below).

Preparation - create Agencies, update Job Postings

  1. Add some new Agency content and upload a logo for each. See the screenshot below for an example.

  2. Update some existing Job postings to link to the agencies setup in step 1. See the screenshot below for an example.

Add a relationship

Next, we need to add a relationship to the main Job Listing View so that we can join the data from the Agency content type (specifically the logo) into the Job posting content type.

Without the relationship set up, if you tried to add a new field of “agency logo” to the Job posting content type the results would be blank.

  1. Go to the edit screen of your Job Listing view Click on Advanced in the right column. Under "Relationships" click Add.

  2. Next, search for "agency".

  3. Select Content referenced from field_agency

  4. Click Add and configure relationships. This will take you to the next configuration screen. Do NOT check the box "Require this relationship".

  5. Click the Apply button.

Add fields

  1. In the Fields section of your Job Listing view, click on Add field. Then search for logo (this is the logo field in your Agency content type).

  2. In the fields setting, apply the following settings as show in the screenshot. - Set the relationship to the one you created in previously. - Give it a Label - Set an appropriate Image style - Optionally set "Link image to" content.

Important! Remember to set the Relationship to reference the relationship created in the preceding steps.

  1. Change the Format to "Table" so the final output will look similar to the screenshot at the top of this page.

  2. Save your View and visit your job listings page to view the results.

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