Exercise 4.1: Add new Vocabulary

Job seekers want to see content (including available jobs) that relate to a specific state/territory, such as ACT or Victoria. To meet this requirement, all Job Posting content on the site should be categorised by State/Territory. To do this, we’ll create a new vocabulary called ‘State/Territory’ and add terms to it (all of Australia’s states and territories).

In this exercise you’ll create a vocabulary, add terms and reorder the terms.

Create a vocabulary and add terms

  1. Go to StructureTaxonomy and click Add vocabulary. Enter in the following information:

    • Name: State/territory

    • Description: Australian states/territories

    • Click Save.

  2. You can now see the new State/Territory vocabulary on the main Taxonomy page (StructureTaxonomy). Next you’ll need to add terms to the vocabulary. Click List terms.

  3. Click Add term button.

    • Name: ACT

    • Description: leave empty

    • Relations: leave all defaults

  4. Click Save.

Enter the rest of terms and re-order

  1. Enter the remaining terms (in this case the remaining states and territories). Each time you save, the form will reload, ready for you to add more terms. Enter the following terms with a short description for each:

    • New South Wales

    • Victoria

    • South Australia

    • Western Australia

    • Northern Territory

    • Queensland

    • Tasmania

  2. Navigate to the list of all terms in the vocabulary by going to StructureTaxonomyState/territory. By default the list is ordered alphabetically, but you can change the order by dragging the terms up or down. As an exercise, drag “Queensland” to the top of the list.

  3. Click Save.

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