Exercise 6.5: Make a list of States/Territories block

In this exercise we’ll add a list of the States and Territories in the sidebar, so the page looks like the screenshot below.

  1. Go to StructureViews. Click + Add new View. Add in these settings:

    • View name: States/Territories.

    • Select to enable Description: A list of State and Territory terms.

    • Show Taxonomy terms of type State/Territory sorted by Unsorted.

    • Select Create a block.

    • Block title: States/Territories.

    • Display format: HTML list of Fields.

    • Items per block: 0.

    • Use a pager: Leave unselected.

    • Click Save and edit.

  2. Go to Structure → Block Layout.

  3. In the Sidebar area click the Place block button.

  4. Find States/Territories block in Lists (Views) category and click the Place block button.

  5. Configure block visibility settings to only display it on the Job Posting content type.

  6. Click Save block.

  7. Scroll down and click Save Blocks to complete.

  8. Navigate to a Job posting content page and locate your block.

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