Exercise 6.10: Administration with View bulk operations

In this exercise, we'll create a way for content approvers to view all content waiting for approval, so they can quickly and easily review and publish new content.

Prepare the site

In the current setup, content editors can create and publish job postings. We’re going to change this, so that new job postings must be reviewed by a Content Approver before being published. To do this, we’ll introduce a moderation workflow.

  1. Go to ConfigurationWorkflowWorkflows.

  2. Edit the existing “Editorial” workflow. We’re going to reuse the existing workflow states and transitions as-is, to match the moderation workflow of the rest of the site.

  3. Scroll down to This workflow applies to section and press Select in the Content types row.

  4. Select the Job Posting checkbox, Save the changes.

  5. Press the Save button in the Edit Editorial workflow page.

Add the view

  1. Create a new View with the following settings:

    View nameAdmin: Submitted job postings


    Content of type: Job Posting

    Page title

    Submitted jobs

    Page path


    Display format


    Items to display


    Use a pager


    Create a menu link


    Create a block


    Hint: Go to StructureViewsAdd View.

  2. Click Save and edit.

Add fields

Tip: Select multiple fields at a time and configure them sequentially.

  1. Add these fields:

    • Content: Node operations bulk form

    • Content: Authored on

    • Content: State

  2. Configure the Bulk operations: Available actions:

    • Delete content

    • Save content

    • Update URL alias

Note that we did not select the “Publish content” and “Unpublish content”. Since we have a moderation workflow in place, these actions won’t work on our site.

Keep other defaults for the remaining fields. Remember to Save your changes to the View.

Rearrange fields

Click the dropdown next to the Add button in the Fields pane and select Rearrange.

Remove unnecessary filters

The filter Content: Published (= Yes) can be removed as we will be replacing it in the next section.

Add moderation workflow filter

To only see Job Postings that are pending approval, add the Content: Moderation state filter. Configure the following options:

Tip: Hold down the Command key (Control for Windows) to select multiple options.

Configure the format settings

Edit the table settings. Ensure any column that can be sortable is selected. Set the default order for Authored on to Descending.

Add a "no results" message

Adding a “no results” message will clearly show that the view IS working properly if/when there isn’t any content waiting for approval.

  1. In the middle column, under NO RESULTS BEHAVIOR, click Add.

  2. Select Global: Text area

  3. Then set the message “There are no job postings currently waiting for review!”.

  4. Apply the changes.

Change access settings for this view

Lastly, we will change the access/permission settings for this new view, from View published content to Administer content. Note that you can only do this with a user belonging to a role that has the necessary permissions.

Save and review

Save the view and review. Go to admin/submitted-jobs. If there are no Job Listings in Draft status you should see the screen below:

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