About input options
There are a variety of input options that control how you use terms on your website. Below you can see the options available for the Manage form display page:
There are a couple of options to manage the taxonomy terms:
  • Controlled vocabularies allow you to set the terms and restrict the options available to content authors. You can limit inputs by setting up a specific widget, such as select list, checkboxes or radio buttons.
  • Tagging allows users with the corresponding permissions to add new terms. You can also have an autocomplete text field.

Exercise 4.3: Adding fields to content types

In this exercise we’ll add the State/Territory field to job postings and to News and Media. For this exercise we have a controlled vocabulary, limiting input to one State/Territory, so we’ll use a select list.
  1. 1.
    Add the State/Territory field to Job postings
    1. 1.
      Go to StructureContent types and click on manage fields to the right of the Job posting content type name.
    2. 2.
      To associate the State/Territory vocabulary with a particular content type we need to add our new Term reference field. Under /admin/structure/types/manage/job_posting/fields, click Add field. Under Add a new field, select ReferenceTaxonomy term, then complete the fields as follows:
Add the existing State taxonomy field to News and Media Now that job postings can be categorised by states/territories, News and media articles need to use the same State/Territory vocabulary. Follow the instructions above but add the existing taxonomy field to the News and Media content type.
Configure the form display and page display to show the new field.
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