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This unit focuses on the concepts of GovCMS site-building. At this stage, you’re familiar with the essentials of GovCMS. You may have been working already on a GovCMS site but never built one before. Or you may have learned the basics, but don't know how it fits together. Now you want to know how to put the building blocks together to make new, unique websites or applications.
In this unit you’ll learn:
    How to plan a new GovCMS website
    How to make changes to the site theme
    How to create new user roles
    How to configure role permissions
    About the page layout in GovCMS
    How to create and manage site navigation and place blocks

What is site building?

Site building in GovCMS is about configuring the GovCMS solution to build a functional website. It needs a GovCMS developer who’s familiar with the contributed modules and site building in general.
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