Exercise 8.1: Add an external link field

In this exercise we’ll add a new link field to the Job Posting content type. The link will go to “More information” on another website.

  1. Go to StructureContent typesJob Posting and click on the Manage fields tab.

  2. Add a new field and use the following settings:

  3. Click Save and continue. This will take you to the Field settings page.

  4. There are no changes so just click Save settings.

  5. This takes you to the settings for this field on the Job posting content type.

Test it

Go to a Job posting and search for the 'More information' section and Link field.

You can also make the link title field a required field. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go back to the Manage Fields page of the Job Posting content type.

  2. Edit the Link field.

  3. Change the Allow link text to “Required”.

  4. Save settings.

Re-test it

  1. Update your Job posting content page from the previous example and enter the link title.

  2. Compare the look of the content page.

The More information fields should now be required fields.

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