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Software and module requirements


  • Depending on how the course has been set up, you will either be using remotely installed sites (e.g. on the GovCMS Lagoon platform), or you’re using a local installation (on your computer). If you’re working locally, we recommend using the GovCMS8 bundled development environment at: A complete guide for installation is available at
  • You’ll also need a web browser with an inspection tool (e.g. Firebug or Firefox) - you can download Firebug here: You can also use Chrome’s “Developer tools” or Safari’s “Develop menu”.
  • Finally, you’ll need a Lorem Ipsum generator extension such as this one: You can add placement text, by right-clicking on the text area. ![A screenshot of a cell phone
    Description automatically generated](.gitbook/assets/0%20%282%29.png)


This course and manual are for GovCMS8, which contains most of the modules you’ll need to build a typical government website.
You can view the additional GovCMS8 modules in “composer.json file”: - see the “require” section lists all “drupal/[modulename]” modules?

Themes used:

GovCMS8 comes with a fully-featured base theme:
  • GovCMS 8 UI-Kit Starter - based on UI-Kit theme - ships with GovCMS core