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Customize the content administration experience

Content editors and authors like to see common content management tasks easily and should also be able to quickly see a list of new content. There are several features you can setup to enable this.

Access-restricted view

You could create a custom view for administrators that lists all new content with quick “edit” links. You could also set up a default filter so administrators can also see unpublished content.
Below you can see the screenshots for setting up administration permissions.
Image of Page Access permissions
Image of Page Access Options

Bulk operations: Content lists for administrators

GovCMS’s default content listing shows each page of content with easy access to operations such as delete and unpublish. In some cases, site administrators will need to manage content in a bulk way, rather than individually.
The module Views bulk operations (VBO) allows you to create custom content listings and perform bulk operations.
GovCMS has extended the Content administration page so more content actions can be performed.
Image of Bulk operations options