Exercise 2.8: Testing content types

Content test - manual

Create a Job listing manually.

  1. Go to Content -> Add contentJob posting.

  2. On the Add Job posting form, enter the following information:

    • Job Title – Police Officers

    • Terms of employment – Permanent

    • Geographical Region: Victoria

    • Job Description – Victoria Police is looking for more than 3000 people across the state in their biggest recruitment drive ever. If you’re interested in keeping Victorian communities safe and want a challenging and rewarding career, then join the force.

  3. Leave all remaining default settings.

  4. Click Save.

You should now see your newly created Job Posting.

Content test – generated content

Often we need content to help test new content types. However, creating content manually can be very time consuming. Instead, we can use the Devel Generate – a module, bundled in GovCMS.

Note: The Devel Generate module should not be enabled or used in a production website.

This module is already enabled on your training environment.

  1. Go to ConfigurationGenerateGenerate content.

  2. Select the Job Posting checkbox.

  3. Enter 10 in the How many nodes would you like to generate? field.

  4. Click Generate button.

Note: Content generated by the Devel Generate module is not published by default – this is due to active content moderation workflow. Make sure you publish content if necessary.

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