Manage form display
GovCMS allows you to configure all aspects of the content creation forms. It gives you control over the position of form fields, widget configuration and additional options such as field size, image thumbnail preview size and much more.
Your instructor will give you an introduction to managing form display.

2.6 Manage display

Display modes

Display modes (found at /admin/structure/display-modes) exist to provide different presentations of Content Entities for either viewing or editing. The two types of display modes are "view modes" and "form modes."

Form modes and (form) operations

Form modes are a way to create different field configurations with the same content entity bundle. Form modes allow for multiple sets of field widget orderings and customisations, just as view modes allow for different orderings and customisations of field formatters.
This gives us more flexibility over how things will appear when someone is looking at the add/edit form for any content types.
Managing display
Your instructor will now show you how view modes are used to control how content appears in different conditions on a sample website. Later in this course you’ll learn how to add view modes in GovCMS.
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Consider using view modes
In most cases websites need to apply CSS in the theme to be able to get total control of the layout. View modes allows the same content to be displayed in a variety of layouts.
Manage Display interface
Go to StructureContent typesJob Posting and click the Manage Display tab at the top of the page.
This admin page allows you to change the field display settings. For example, you can change the display order of the fields.
For the moment, don't make any changes - we’ll look at this page more later.
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