Exercise 2: Build the related links menu

In this exercise, we’ll add a Related Links menu item. This can be broken into two stages:

  1. Adding the custom menu

  2. Adding in the menu items

  3. Add the custom menu

    1. Go to the menu administration page – /admin/structure/menu - and click on the Add menu link at the top of the page.

    2. Type in the name of our menu in the Title field: Related Links

    3. Type in a menu description in the Administrative summary field. While the description is optional, it helps site administrators understand the different menus, especially if the site has lots menus.

    4. Click Save to create the new menu.

  4. Add menu items to the related links menu

Now that you’ve created the custom menu, you need to add in the links to existing pages. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Adding links to the menu when you edit the specific content pages/section

  • Adding the items manually via the menu interface

  1. Add Related links menu option to Basic page content type

  2. Go to Structure → Content types → Standard page and click Edit

  3. Scroll down to “Menu settings”. Under Available menus, enable Related links

  4. Click Save content type

  5. Add several new Basic pages to build menu links

    1. Add content using the Standard Page content type and create the following new pages:

  • About us

  • FAQs

  • Disclaimer

  • Privacy policy

    1. Make sure you select "Provide a menu link" and select the parent item "Related links" for all pages

    1. Go to StructureMenusRelated links. Click the List links tab. The new pages you created now appear in this admin area.

You can also add the links manually by following these steps:

  1. In the menu administration page, click Add link at the top of the Related links. At the menu link creation page type in these settings:

    • Link: type About and select About us

    • Description: Jobs Posting About Us page

    • Title: About us (2)

  2. Leave the other settings at their defaults and click Save

  3. Repeat the steps above for any remaining menu items

Finally, you can re-order the links on your menu.

  1. Go to StructureMenus to see a list of all your site’s menus

  2. Click on Edit menu to the right of the Related Links menu entry. You should see a list of the menu items we just created.

  3. You can drag and drop the menu items to re-order them. Then click Save configuration.

Note: Another way to change the menu order is to change the ‘weight’ of the menu item when you’re editing the content.

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